About Ablity Consultancy

Our vision is to change perceptions and stigma of disability and support a fully inclusive society.

Ability Consultancy (NW) Ltd was set up in 2019 to share disabled people's lived experiences, breaking down the barriers and stigma and supporting society to become fully accessible, inclusive, and disability aware. Ability Consultancy (NW) Ltd is based in the North West of England. We provide a wide range of Equality, Diversity education and training services, specialising in disability awareness and para sport to a wide range of sectors and people, from educating the next generation to CEO’s of organisations. We work with you to meet your aims and objectives to ensure that the services you provide, and any delivery you undertake is fully compliant and meet the legal requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and is accessible to all.

Claire Buckle

Founder and Tutor

Claire is the founder of Ability Consultancy and the author of this disability awareness course. She has Cerebral Palsy which affects the use of the left side of her body, as well as her speech. Claire has had a very successful life having represented GB in Para athletics at World and European levels. She is a level three tutor and delivered a wide range of courses and workshops.

She has worked within inclusion for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience to this and our other services. She is very open, honest, and shares many of her experiences within this course. In 2022, she was one of 38 UK women to receive a Women in Innovation award, she was also listed in the NatWest top 100 Women in Social Enterprise in the UK, becoming a finalist at the awards. 

In 2023 she was shortlisted for the Northern Women Power Awards in two categories and a finalist in two awards at the North West Federation of Small businesses winning the Diversity and Inclusion award. 

Claire will certainly challenge you in this course to try simple everyday tasks her way!

Why is equality and diversity important?

Equality and diversity are important for any type of organisation, whether you employ 2 or 20,000 people, work in an office, warehouse or across a number of sites. Equality and diversity aims to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities and is treated fairly throughout any organisation. Having good equality and diversity can benefit organisations and people by: • Adding new skills to their teams • Promoting innovations • Improves the organisation's reputation • Opening up new talent within the organisation • Opening up new markets This introductory course will provide you with a better understanding of equality and diversity, the nine protected characteristics, types of discrimination, all of which will assist you in the development of an equality and diversity action plan.

Equality and Diversity Course Brochure

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What does the course cover?

  • 1

    Your course workbook

    • Equality and Diversity Workbook - Download here

  • 2

    Module One - Introduction to Equality and Diversity

    • Introduction to Equality and Diversity Course

    • Definitions of Equality and Diversity

    • Overview of the Equality Act 2010

    • The role an employer plays in equality and diversity

    • Module one - Test your knowledge

  • 3

    Module Two - The Protected Characteristics

    • Introduction to the protected characteristics

    • Protected characteristic - Age

    • Protected Characteristic - Disability and Impairment

    • Protected Characteristic - Sex

    • Protected Characteristic - Gender Reassignment

    • Protected Characteristic - Marriage and Civil Partnership

    • Protected Characteristic - Pregnancy

    • Protected Characteristic - Race

    • Protected Characteristic - Beliefs and Religion

    • Protected Characteristic - Sexual Orientation

    • Module two - Time to test your knowledge

  • 4

    Module Three - Introduction to Discrimination

    • Introduction to Discrimination

    • Introduction to Direct Discrimination

    • Introduction to Indirect Discrimination

    • Introduction to Harassment

    • Introduction to Victimisation

    • Discrimination - Things to remember

    • Module three - Time to test your knowledge

  • 5

    Module Four - Developing your action plan

    • Promoting Equality and Diversity

    • Assembling an Action Plan

    • Undertaking a SWOT Analysis

    • Reviewing your current Equality and Diversity

    • Developing your Action Plan

    • Bench Marking and Assessing Risks

    • Examples and Templates

  • 6

    Downloadable Templates

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Risk Analysis Template

    • Action Plan Checklist

    • Equality and Diversity Action Plan

  • 7


    • End of Course feedback

    • End of Course feedback

    • End of Course details

Additional Information

  • Qualified Deliverers

    All of our courses are written by qualified tutors with a detailed knowledge of equality and diversity. In this course, many people from wide-ranging backgrounds and lived experiences have contributed to the contents.

  • Certificate of Attendance

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will be emailed a PDF quality assured certificate. The certificate does not have an expiry date, however, for good practice, it is recommended that this course is revisited every three years.

  • Course Workbook

    The course includes a downloadable PDF course workbook, allowing you to make notes as you go and keep a record of what you have learnt. This will be available to download in lesson one after completion of the "how much do you know quiz"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the payment for the course secure?

    Yes, all our course payment transactions are secure through Stripe.

  • How long does the course take to complete?

    We say to allow 2-3 hours to complete the course. You will require more time to review your current equality and diversity plan and write your new one. You can revisit each lesson as much as you need within 28 days of access to this course. This will ensure you have all the notes and takeaway statements you need.

  • I am not tech savy, do i need anything special on my device to undertake the course?

    No, the course content is in video form and all you need to do is click play. The quizes at the end of each module are very easy and will play on your browser.

  • How long do i get to complete the course?

    Once you have enrolled you have 28 days to complete the course

  • What support is available to me throughout the course?

    The course comes with a downloadable workbook. This will allow you to take notes and write the key information down that you may need in the future.

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